In terms of icing, we steer clear of any fondant - we prefer to use our signature vanilla bean cream cheese icing, which has a lovely texture and taste. You can choose to have your cake iced completely with a full coverage layer, iced in a nearly naked style (with the icing scraped back) or completely naked (iced just between the layers).

As for extra touches of colour on your cake, we use fresh flowers, freeze dried fruits and things like crushed pistachios and citrus curds or berry coulis. (We do not use food colouring in our kitchen).

We can take care of the floral decoration for your cake according to your brief. Alternatively, you can arrange for your florist to do the flowers at the venue or put some flowers aside for us to use if you'd prefer to have blooms that match exactly with your bouquet. For us to supply the flowers is an extra $30.


The most popular flavours for wedding cakes tend to be our Blackforest cake and Lemon Raspberry cake, but they are all delicious! Our unique flavours make the cake a talking point at your wedding.

Note - any flavour of cake can be made Gluten Free and any cake suits being iced with our white vanilla bean cream cheese icing.

Sizing & PRICING

The largest tiered cake we make feeds 80 people with generous dessert serves. If your wedding is for more than 80 people, we can supplement the tiered cake with service cakes, minicakes and / or babycakes!

Our size options are as follows…


Single tier - 25 dessert slices $140

Single tier - 35 dessert slices $200

Two tier - 35 dessert slices $280

Two tier - 50 dessert slices $350

Two tier - 60 dessert slices $420

Three tier - 60 dessert slices $440

Two tier - 70 dessert slices $490

Three tier - 70 dessert slices $510

Two tier - 80 dessert slices $560

Three tier - 80 dessert slices $580

Babycakes (batches of 25) $65

Minicakes (batches of 9) $65


Wedding cakes are too precious to be delivered by a courier, and unfortunately we are such a small team that we are unable to deliver ourselves. Cakes can be picked up the day before or the day of the wedding, and will be packaged safely for transport - the boot is the best place for them to sit!


We offer all wedding clients take-away samples, free of charge. We can then proceed to discuss sizes, decorations and logistics over email.


To enquire about ordering your wedding cake(s), please fill out the form below.

Do you like the look of naked, nearly naked, fully covered? Do you like our white vanilla bean cream cheese icing or something different?
What colours and styles are you leaning towards? Or will you florist be doing the flowers for the cake?
Would you like things like freeze-dried fruits, berry coulis or pistachios on your cake? Or would you prefer to keep the cake clean?
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You can also contact us by emailing

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