Matcha Masterclass with Storm & India

Matcha Masterclass with Storm & India


I became obsessed with matcha on a trip to LA a couple of years back. There, everyone sips on matcha lattes, hot matcha tea, iced matcha elixirs, matcha kombucha - you name it. I learnt that not only do I love the health benefits and gentle caffeine kick matcha imparts, but I thoroughly enjoy the flavour of this potent, green powder. As soon as I got back to Auckland I began to experiment with it in my baking.

Meanwhile, I began chatting with India (one of the beautiful sisters who make up the successful tea brand Storm & India) and we quickly became friends. We share a mutual agreement that the world revolves around tea and cake (or at least our worlds do). I was hyped when India mentioned she was working on releasing a matcha tea in the coming months, and we vowed to work together on something as soon as it was ready.

So here we are, presenting a Matcha Masterclass together. If you’re new to this exquisite ingredient or already love it, come along to see how you can incorporate it into your baking and your beverages.

Guests will be invited to decorate their own Matcha and Sour Cherry cake to take home!

When: Saturday, February 24th, 3.30-5pm

Where: The Caker, 446 K’rd, Newton 1010

$80 / head


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