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This cake is a beautiful take on a classic lemon cake. It comes with the most incredible freeze-dried plum glaze and decorations, which offer an intense colour and true plum flavour.

Just add butter (or oil), milk and plums of your choice.

Download the recipe card here.


 ♥ Best served with greek yogurt or mascarpone!

 ♥ We think tinned Black Doris plums work really well in this cake, so if you don't have access to fresh plums then don't worry, pick up a tin from the supermarket.

 ♥ If you want to make cupcakes from your Lemon Cake mix follow these tips:

 ♥ you cake mix will make about 12 small cupcakes or 9 larger cupcakes.

 ♥ make sure to chop your plums into small chunks for cupcakes, and press down into the batter.

 ♥ bake your cupcakes for 30 minutes (slightly less than than if you were making a whole cake).

Please remember friends, getting to know your oven is one of the keys to successful baking. Every oven is different, so you may need to bake your cake or cupcakes for a shorter or longer time than stated. Your oven may cook more from the bottom or the top, or be hotter on the left or the right side. Get to know the sweet spot!

 ♥ If you want to make a larger cake, you can use two Lemon Plum cake mixes - just make sure you bake each in a separate tin and make your cake a double-layer cake. If you combine two batters in one tin, it will be a challenge to cook the cake the whole way through.

 ♥ If you want to change things up, we think the Lemon Plum cakes also works really well with frozen or fresh blackberries, instead of plum. Really, any berry is lovely in this cake!