Dutch Spice Dark Chocolate Cookie Mix | The Caker
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This mix makes a rich, decadent batch of cookies, which are generously spiced with our complex Dutch speculaas blend and dotted with incredible 70% Belgian dark chocolate pieces.

 Download the recipe card here.


 ♥ Before baking, sprinkle each cookie with some flaky sea salt for a lovely contrast to the sweetness.

 ♥ We think these cookies look cute decorated with little chocolate buttons on top as well. If you'd like to do this, just reserve some of the chocolate buttons and press one into the top of each cookie before baking!

 ♥ These cookies call for butter, but you can make them vegan by using 180g of dairy free spread (melted and cooled) instead (we definitely prefer them made with real butter though!) Note, these cookies won't work with oil.

 Best served with a rich hot chocolate!

 Try making ice cream sandwiches with these cookies for an insanely delicious dessert.