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Our cakes are unusual, delicious combinations of beautiful, extremely high quality ingredients.
For us, taste comes first. We only use 70% Belgian couverture chocolate and we pack our fruity cakes full of fruit so every bite is as heavenly as the one before.  All of our cakes also contain ground almonds to replace some or all of the flour, lending a more complex flavour and making our cakes more wholesome, moist, and sumptuous.  Similarly, we often use ingredients like maple or honey instead of refined sugar.
Every ingredient is natural. Every cake is mouth-watering.
In terms of aesthetic, our cakes do not need the plastic distractions of food colouring or Barbie-bright buttercream. We'd rather the little black flecks of vanilla bean, crushed pistachios, toasted coconut, scatters of freeze-dried fruits and drips of berry coulis or citrus curds.
To decorate our cakes, our signature look is a beautiful selection fresh flowers on the top.
All of our cakes can be made gluten free.

You'll find our vegan cakes HERE.