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Wedding Cakes by The Caker

Wedding season is in full swing at the moment and we have masses of tiered cakes heading out the door every week. Here are some of our favourite beauties...


L-R: Lemon Raspberry cake with nearly naked vanilla bean icing, freeze dried figs, freeze dried raspberries; Blueberry Raspberry sponge with naked pink strawberry icing, freeze dried blueberry and strawberry scatters


 L-R: Plum Lime Coconut cake, full coverage vanilla bean icing; Bottom tier Plum Lime Coconut, middle tier Lemon Raspberry, top tier Flourless Dark Chocolate, full coverage vanilla bean icing, freeze dried raspberry scatters (21st cake)


L-R: Lime Blackberry Maple cake with vanilla bean icing, berry coulis and freeze-dried blackberry scatters; Bottom tier Orange Almond, top tier Pear Pistachio Dark Chocolate, vanilla bean icing and crushed pistachio scatters


L-R: Lemon Raspberry cake, nearly naked vanilla bean icing, crushed pistachio and freeze dried raspberry scatters; Flourless Dark Chocolate cake, vanilla bean icing, freeze dried blackberries and raspberries (French "Red White and Blue theme")