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Things we've made this month...

Blueberry, rhubarb and white chocolate cake

A beautiful, small lemony almond wedding cake

Our super popular almond butter and raspberry cake

GF flourless dark chocolate mini cakes for Vulcan Lane Bagels

A selection of beauties 

A 21st cake made up of a gluten free flourless dark chocolate base tier, and a fig raspberry top tier

A lucky 7 year old's birthday cake!

My cakes in the beautiful new wedding publication Together Journal. Thanks to MARKANTONIA for styling my cakes with their stunning blooms.

Me being filmed making a cake for Cook The Books

Me being filmed making a cake for Lewis Road Creamery's 'Chef Series'

Lemony almond cake 


We had a 46 cake day on Saturday!

Our best week in 5 years!

My baking demo at Farro Fresh. I made 3 recipes from my new book: banana maple cake with date caramel, rhubarb berry and black pepper cake, and date cocoa and orange truffles.

A cake decorating demo we hosted at Seafarers Club 

Lemony almond cakes 

Apple and raspberry cakes for Dizengoff

Dark chocolate, pear and ganache cakes