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I am Jordan Rondel and I love to bake cakes.

It all started when I went to stay with my French grandparents in their beautiful Parisian apartment at age ten. It's almost impossible to be in France and not become obsessed with food; the bread, the fromage, the pain au chocolat - it's a gourmand's delight. A simple French lunch always consists of multiple courses, but dessert has always been my favourite part. I remember helping my grandparents make a stack of paper thin crepes, a cherry clafoutis and a tarte tatin, all intended to follow a lavish three course meal. They taught me the importance of using only the best ingredients and that baking is just as enjoyable to do as it is to eat.

I want to provide a service to my fellow cake eaters out there where by I bake and deliver cakes to fulfill your orders. Each week I will decide on a particular recipe and send an email out to you all to let you know what the cake of the week will be. Of course, if you have any special requests I will happily comply. One week might be a caramelised banana cake, the next might be pear and dark chocolate friands. But I can assure you that whatever it is, it will be delicious. I like to use as many organic ingredients as possible and create unusual and special cakes that you can't buy from an average cake shop.

I'm hoping that this service will fit the needs of households that love to entertain, businesses that want to provide their staff with a sweet treat everyday, or just people who love to eat cake. Please email your orders to