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Who's heard of whoopie pies? I hadn't until just recently when I was in New York where they were everywhere. They seem to be rivaling the cupcake over in the States, but back home they're probably more in competition with the French macaron. A short while ago, Bon Appetit had a face-off between whoopie pies and macarons. Macarons won. Despite this giving me a slight whoopie-pie-prejudice, I decided to make a batch of classic chocolate with vanilla cream filling anyway.
Well, I hereby withdraw my snobbishness towards whoopie pies. Who cares if they have a stupid name. These things are delicious. Not to mention much easier to make than a macaron, and way cooler than cupcakes. 
You can make all sorts of different flavours such as red velvet, salted caramel, peanut butter chocolate and matcha green tea. All of which I will be making and selling for $3 each (minimum order of 10 / flavour).
Images and ingredients sill to come, but orders are welcome!