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Things I've made this week...

Organic almond butter thumbprint cookies
As you can see, I'm really into using fresh flowers to decorate my cakes of late. I like the juxtaposition between the mean skulls and the pretty flowers. I'm also into mixing melted dark chocolate into my white chocolate cream cheese icing to create a swirling creamy effect and I'm using these new strawberry chocolate buttons everywhere. They are so so delicious. 

In other Caker news: soon there will be freshly baked cookies on offer each day at Eightthirty and 'Cupcake Friday' will become a new trend! I have also found a delivery girl/assistant called Amelia. She's so sweet and really into baking as well as super healthy food. So you'll probably be seeing less of me with cakes at your doorsteps, but please come visit me at Eightthirty, I'm in and out, but there pretty much every day!