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MEET THE TEAM: Jordan Rondel AKA The Caker!

The team behind The Caker cakes and cake mixes is quietly growing as we continue to feed all you Auckland cake connoisseurs. Welcome to the first of a small series introducing The Caker girls - and who better to start with than The Caker herself, Jordan!

What's your role at The Caker?

I am the owner and director :) I started the company in 2010, and ran the show by myself for the first few years, baking full time as well as doing everything business related. Now we have a team of 6, so I spend a little less time in the kitchen, and my role is more focused on being the creative mind behind the brand.

What's your favourite flavour on The Caker menu?

My absolute favourite flavour on the menu at the moment is the Double Layer Almond Butter and Raspberry cake - I even had it as my birthday cake last month! I love it because it's not too sweet, and contains a hefty amount of almond butter (obviously), which is up there with my favourite foods of all time.

What are the 3 best things about working at The Caker?

Working with my sister and my friends is the best part. I get to come to work, be around the delicious smells of baking all day, and giggle with my wonderful team. I feel very lucky to be able to do what I love, and while the hours are extreme, it never really feels like work.

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