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Sunday Magazine Recipe: Blueberry, orange and maple cakes

These delicious little cakes are ideal for afternoon tea or dessert. You can try using different frozen berries such as raspberries or blackberries, and lemon or lime instead of orange would also be lovely. Serve them warm with Greek yoghurt or a dollop of mascarpone.


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Unexpected ingredients: Flowers, herbs and spices


I'm such a huge advocate for using unique ingredients and natural flavours in my baking. My second book Wholesome Cakes, Cookies and Desserts is filled with a range of recipes that use unexpected ingredients in simple and accessible ways.

Lots of people shy away from trying or using very fragrant ingredients in their baking but they can add incredibly delicate and elegant flavours that everyone can enjoy. I thought I'd share a few recipes of mine with everyone so you can try them at home and see how easy and delicious using fresh herbs, spices and floral notes in your baking can be!

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Yes, this cake is as decadent as it sounds. The first time I tried cream cheese baked into something sweet was in a giant, warm cinnamon-coated brioche which also oozed with raspberries. The combination was so harmonious I knew I had to try it in a cake.

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How to: Use fresh flowers to decorate your creations

Steering clear of using any food colouring or artificial ingredients in The Caker kitchen means I'm all about finding natural ways to make our cakes look beautiful. The signature look for our creations, along with scatters of freeze dried fruit and other delicious toppings, has become an arrangement of fresh flowers. This can be as simple as a single spray rose on a minicake to an elaborate arrangement on a wedding cake.

We get plenty of questions from customers using our cake mixes or recipes from my books about where we source our flowers, what kinds to use, and how to best arrange them, so I thought I'd impart some of my self-taught knowledge to all of you home bakers. 


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Wedding Cakes by The Caker

Every week we make so many custom tiered cakes for weddings and other special occasions, there's just too many to share on Instagram without taking over everyone's feed. Here's a little line up of some of our recent favourites...

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