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Caker Crushes: Alma Proenca

Alma is a girl of many talents, and one of the softest, most gentle souls I've ever come across. During the day she holds down the fort at Two Hands Tattoo (my boyfriend's tattoo shop), and after hours she goes to her studio and works on her ceramics, which she hand paints... I hung out with Alma while she baked her Ginger Pear Pistachio Cake mix. 

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Caker Crushes: Carter Were

My second Caker Crush is Carter Were. We have lots in common. Besides being a self-taught baker (of the bread variety), she's a business owner, a lover of creating and sharing food, and she's attached at the hip to her (twin) sister Harry. Her warm little kitchen in her Grey Lynn home was the loveliest place to have a chat about bread, travel, and the future. 


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Caker Crushes: Paris Mitchell

Caker Crushes is a series of creative beauties, captured in their own settings, baking, icing and decorating The Caker mixes in a matter of minutes. These time-poor, sweet-toothed friends of mine love cake, but don't always have the time to make one from scratch. 
First up is the ethereal Paris Mitchell.

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