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A Taste of ... Brittany, France with Me + a Recipe

My dad is French and his side of the family all still live in France. I'm super close with my grandparents (my Granny and Pappy) and visit them each European summer. In anticipation of my arrival, my grandparents always have something delicious in the oven or on the stove - my favourite of all is when there's a cherry clafoutis in the oven.

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Meet The Team: Eli, Baker

Tall, dark and handsome Eli is the first official male employee at The Caker, and this gyaldem adores his presence. It isn’t the first time Eli has worked here; in fact it was a couple years back when he stepped in to help us over a crazy busy summer period, but then, to our dismay, had to move to Wellington. Welcoming him back was a great day for us.

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