Suzi (i.e Suzi-Tunes) is a bright lil spark who came to our kitchen’s salvation in the mental lead up to Christmas last year. This was a time which could have made anyone, without the right amount of stamina, run for the hills, but Suzie became a Caker-ette instantly, and still tells me most days that she loves her job. Suzie is an avid cook and always makes her pasta from scratch. Like me, she’ll never get sick of the movie Bridesmaids, and also like me, has a fondness for giraffes. Hailing from the U.K, Suzie-Tunes speaks like a lady, but has a rough-around-the-edges sense of humour, which I adore. She’s gentle as a feather, whip-smart, and a brilliantly fast learner. Her favourite cake off the menu is Dark Chocolate Pear and Pistachio. A fine choice.

Suzi, we love you!!

xx Jordan

If you were a safari animal what would you be?

I would be a giraffe, it would be fun to be tall!

If you could travel to one fictional place where would you go?

Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, all day erry day. 

You’re having people over for dinner - what’s your go-to meal to cook?

Probably something really simple like fish with salsa and salad or handmade pasta with a good olive oil, fresh peas, mint, ricotta and lots of lemon. And then maybe a lemon tart for dessert. 

Which movie will you never get sick of no matter how many times you watch it?

Swingers, Bridesmaids and Home Alone. 

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

People talking with their mouth full, eugh. 

What is your favourite cake off the Caker menu and why?

The Pear Pistachio Dark Chocolate. I think that pear is the perfect fruit for cake, it’s firm and juicy and a perfect accompaniment to the chocolate, and then the pistachios add a lovely texture. I can’t get enough of this cake. 

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