Caker Couples: Solei & Andrew

Andrew & Solei - Ceremony-93.jpg

Even before Solei got married she was one of our favourite customers... She always came in on a Saturday while her boyfriend (now husband) got his hair cut across the road to pick up some sweet treats for them. Her warm, friendly manner always left us beaming, so when she got married we were obviously delighted to do her cakes.

Lisa, our weddings girl, actually bumped into Solei at the supermarket a few weeks after the wedding. She received what she said was similar to a hug from Beyonce, and the most lovely heartfelt thank you from Solei. It's moments like these that make us love creating special cakes for Weddings, where they are shared amongst friends and family and remembered forever <3

P.s. Solei has just given birth to a gorgeous baby girl named Saffier ni-Viti Baker (meaning Saphire of Fiji) and she's even cuter than we expected! Here’s a little Q&A we did with Solei a few weeks before her baby arrived…

How did you meet? 

At a bar in Ponsonby – 7 years ago called The Crib.

At what point did you know your partner was a keeper? 

The first night we met and he made a rose out of a straw and said “ a pretty flower for a pretty lady” – I’m flower crazy, so for him to do that did it for me.

How did Andrew propose? 

Andrew took me to a spot that overlooks the Hauraki where the potheads go to smoke and had my favourite treats all laid out on a picnic blanket on my birthday – it was a sheer drop down so I couldn’t get too excited when he proposed on one knee. 

What did you wear on your wedding day? 

A bespoke Harman Grubisa gown that is soft gold with sparkles and my initials in diamantes with a luxe Harman Grubisa Stole for the reception.

How did you discover The Caker? 

I drove past and was curious as to what “The Caker “ was – I looked it up on facebook and wandered into the store the next week while Andrew was getting his hair cut across the road.

You did a cake banquet (which we love!) Tell us about why you chose this and how it went down...

Shit, umm it was really hard. I knew I wanted the Caker cakes for the start – aesthetically everything appeals to me – everything tasty, never disappoints in flavour or presentation – the fresh flowers etc, just a no bullshit approach with all the boujee.

I sat with the menu initially with Andrew and looked at the flavours we liked and picked a handful. There one photo that I kept referring to and that was on the Facebook page where Jordan had set up a banquet table at the Auckland Town Hall with a whole bunch of baby cakes,  mini cakes, big cakes and flowers and I couldn’t get it outta my mind.

Andrew & Solei - Reception-44.jpg

We emailed, rocked up on our date for tasting and were greeted by lovely Lisa. Basically, any of the mini cakes/baby cakes could be made out of the flavours we chose, but not restricted (I think I said if they had leftover batter from other cakes made that day, they can be utilised in our banquet - no fuss). We also had a couple of kitchen cakes which were cut up and served to our guests that evening with dessert.

Our main cake was for our whanau the next day. It was a double layer raspberry and lemon with Andrew’s favourite, banana and maple. The decorations I said were up to girls in the kitchen  - our theme was soft tropical so any colour that fit that brief worked.  For me to see the cakes that my friend Catherine arranged on the day was like a present for me – Loved it!

When/how did you find out you were having a "Wedding Baby'? 

When I couldn’t drink my rum cocktail on the last day of our honeymoon (we waited a month till we had our honeymoon after our wedding so we had something to look forward to and enjoy our whanau that travelled so far for our day). We saved a raspberry lemon mini cake from our wedding (frozen) for the day our bubby gets christened, so watch this space! 

Andrew & Solei - Photoshoot-94.jpg

Thank you, Solei for being our absolute dream wedding client! xx