Caker Couples: Grace & Alex

We love getting to know our wedding clients and being a part of their big days - now you can get to know them too! Our first Caker Couple are Grace (26) who is an osteopath and Alex (27) who is a builder. Here’s their story...


"We met through a mutual friend who asked us to model for a fun shoot and I guess we had more than we’d expected.

We had kind of mutually agreed that we’d get married one day. So in a way, I kind of proposed, but later on he casually asked me while we were driving around if I wanted to marry him and when I said “Yeah sure” he took it very seriously lol. We’ve kind of known since we met that we were each other’s game changer.

I know weddings are a special time for couples, but for us, it’s also about family and that was the most beautiful part. We tried to make sure that every little detail had meaning to us and our families really came through to make that a reality for us. I mean the music and entertainment were all done by my dad and my brothers, the programs were designed and crafted by my sister. Everything was homemade so to speak, and so special to us.

After getting married I realised that neither of us had had enough cake! Fortunately, Mom noticed and she’d managed to set aside a slice or two for us so thanks, Mom! You’re the real MVP!

My number one tip would be to just have fun with it! The best-laid plans don’t always go accordingly and stressing about it doesn’t help. It rained HEAVILY on our wedding day but we were just like, “meh, I’ve seen some sick rainy wedding photography!”


We had the Black Forest cake, and chose it because it was the flavour of the first cake I ever bought for Alex on his 21st birthday. We both love chocolate but nothing too sweet, the berries in the Black Forest really balance it out so it really was the best flavour for us! Even the die-hard chocolate lovers who don’t like berries in cakes couldn’t fault this one.

We still maintain that The Caker’s Black Forest cake is the best cake we’ve ever had. Hand over heart though, every time we have cake we can’t help but compare it to our wedding cake because it was THAT GOOD. So really, one of the most memorable parts of the wedding for us and our families, would have to be the cake. Thank you to the team at The Caker, you ladies rock."

We love you too Grace & Alex - congratulations again!! xx