Meet The Team: Sacha, Kitchen Fairy


I first met Sasha when she came in to pick up a cake she’d ordered, and you know when someone just has a really good energy about them? Well I noticed it. A few weeks later she came back to drop me a cute as hell handwritten letter explaining how much she’d like to work for The Caker, and somehow I just knew I had to bring this girl into our team. Sacha is the most babin’ mama (to baby girl Thea) that you’ll ever meet, she has legs up to her ears. She brings calm and organisation to a sometimes chaotic kitchen and she exudes a sense of truly loving being at The Caker. She can organise a stack of dishes like it’s nobody’s business and whip up icing like there’s no tomorrow. Sacha, thank you for coming into our lives

xx Jordan

What is your favourite eatery in Auckland?

I’m actually not one for dining out too often! But I have had the pleasure of working at ‘Depot, Oyster Bar and Eatery’ for many years previous to now. A good friendship with the chefs has definitely had its perks.

My biggest indulgence in life is…

Coffee, chocolate and beer! All on the regular.

My favourite song to sing in the shower/car is... 

In my own company, I will sing along to almost any song if I know the words.. But a favourite right now would be ‘Kevin’s Heart’ - J. Cole

My star sign is... and it does/doesn't suit me because... 

I’m a Libra, I believe we are meant to be indecisive 🤷🏻‍♀️ haha that’s me!

My favourite cake on the menu is ...

I’m in love with everything on The Caker’s menu, but it’s hard to get past the plums in the Plum, Lime and Coconut, or our current cake of the month. Dark chocolate, Plum and Hazelnut!