Meet The Team: Clair, Baker


I can't remember what it was like before Clair joined The Caker team, even though it was only a few months back. She seamlessly and gracefully glided into our lives, and helped set our ship back on a smooth course when we needed it the most. Clair has years and years of experience from working as a pastry chef in London. She teaches me things all the time. She misses the cosy pubs but her avocado socks bring her comfort during these chilly NZ nights. Clair knows what's good and claims our Black Forest Cake is her favourite cake on the menu....

What do you miss the most, and what do you miss the least about living in London?

Most... Europe on your doorstep and cosy local pubs

Least... crowded trains while commuting to work

My ultimate meal would have to be...

Tortilla patatas con chorizo.  

What's on your favourite pair of socks?

My avo socks of course!

On a Sunday you'll find me... 

Cooking up some kind of Sunday lunch feast. 

My favourite cake on the menu is ………….. Because ……….

Black Forest... I feel like it has the ultimate balance of rich, sour and sweet :) 

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