My House - by StuffHomed xx


StuffHomed recently did a cute little feature and shoot at my house in Ponsonby, my favourite place to spend time when I'm not at work or in L.A. Check out the full article and more pics here.

"Behind the baking success story better known as The Caker is Auckland's Jordan Rondel. Now dividing her time between the City of Sails and the City of Angels as she expands her business into the United States, Rondel doesn't get to hang out in her Grey Lynn abode all the time, and so loves it all the more. Let's take a look around the laidback villa where this stylish entrepreneur calls home."

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Where is your home and who lives there with you?

My home is in Ponsonby, Auckland and I've lived there for almost six years with my boyfriend Stefan. More recently we live with our two beautiful flatmates Gina, and Alma and our beloved ginger tom-cat Merlin. My bedroom is my favourite room in the house. It's my little haven, where everything is mostly white, as this is the colour that makes me feel most serene. I usually have a candle burning, and my fairy lights turned on, to make it uber relaxing and peaceful.

Your proudest DIY moment:

Putting together a lowboy with my sister. This was no mean feat and took us two entire afternoons to do, but in doing so I learnt how wheel runners work and how much I love using an electric drill.

If my partner (or flatmate) would let me, I would get rid of:

I feel quite lucky in that my boyfriend mostly has the same taste as me, so I like everything he's added to the house. Both Gina and Alma are ideal flatmates because they really only brought bedroom items with them, so as it is, mostly all of the stuff in the house is mine or Stefan's and there's nothing I really want to get rid of.

Worst thing that's ever gone wrong while entertaining:

Despite being a professional baker, I somehow always burn bread when I'm warming it up in my oven at home. I think I must get swept up in conversation, or the excitement of having people round, that the bread completely departs my mind and ends up being so crunchy it could break a tooth.

Fill in this sentence, "I always look at my …. and smile."

I always look at my pieces of artwork made for me by my boyfriend, and smile.

If I had $50k, what I would change about my house is…

I think I'd start by re-doing the kitchen. I dislike the blue benchtops and the cabinetry, and I would completely change the layout of it to make it more suited to entertaining. As it is now, you either have to all gather in the kitchen, or all gather in the dining room - there is no flow between the two.

Currently the laundry is situated in the dining room behind a roller blind (strange, I know), so I would spend some money on moving the washing machine and drier to the little cottage outside, and put some storage cupboards in its place.

Next I could give the wooden floors a spruce, get them totally re-varnished and cared for, and then I would get the deck looking pristine by treating it and varnishing it.

Which home habit annoys you the most?

I'm a bit pedantic about a lot of things if they are not perfect. But perhaps my biggest pet peeve is when the couch has been sat on and the cushions are all squished and the fabric not smoothed out. I know couches are for sitting on, but I wish I had one which always looked tidy.

What's one domestic/housework/gardening trick you've learnt over the years?

Keeping a set of cleaning products in the bathroom has been really handy. I keep glass cleaner, a roll of paper towels and a container of Dettol wipes in there so that I can quickly give the mirror a clean if it needs it, or wipe down the sink without having to go to the kitchen cupboard. (I'm such a nerd.)



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