Meet The Team: Elora, Kitchen Fairy


I first met Elora when she came into The Caker several years back, to drop off an illustration she’d drawn for me which depicted me saying "fuck I love cake," or something like that. Since that day, I knew I loved this girl. She’s one of the biggest cake enthusiasts I know, abiding by a vegan diet except for when it comes to Caker cakes. When I put the feelers out for somebody to fill a kitchen hand role, she was the very first application I got, and I knew instantly she was the one. Now Elora is our little fairy who flutters around, helping with anything and everything and making the most fluffy cloud-like icing you ever did hope to see. Much like me, she wears glitter makeup most days, has forever changing hair, and best of all, her little sis is her best friend. Elora, welcome to the Caker sisterhood.

If you could swim in a sea of glitter, what colour would you choose?

I could really spend hours debating whether a bronze and dusty pink would be better than a greeny-blue sea-inspired palette, however as the faithful person I am, my glitter colour choice would always be the trusty white iridescent glitter I purchased from Geoff's Emporium a few years ago now that did an outstanding job at being a conversation starter in almost all encounters I found myself while wearing it.

If your life depended on you giving up either coffee or cake, which one would you sacrifice?

I don't think I can honestly answer this question without it haunting me for the rest of my life. However, this question would have been really really easy if I HADN'T had the extreme pleasure of eating a Caker cake. But, that's not the case so let's leave it as a pass for now.

What ingredient in The Caker kitchen can you not resist nibbling on?

It's been a week and I'm not ashamed to say it's actually the almond butter that gets me. Never have it at home so when I come to work its hard to resist....

What’s the best thing about having a sister?

Ooooh so many things are good. We split Ubers home. We pay for each other coffees all the time. Also, I know exactly what pisses her off and she knows what pisses me off and so we live in this constant game because we are both in complete control of each others' moods at any given moment. We share food when we are out so we can buy two dishes and share them instead of being stuck with one. I guess the best thing is that whether she would have chosen to be my sister or not, we did choose to be best friends. It's a remarkable bond, you know what I'm talking about!

Can you share a recipe for your favourite after work cocktail?

The only things I'm looking for in a cocktail are, more than one alcohol, one of which has to be a spirit, maybe some citrus...and its got to be short and sharp, throw in ice, afternoon sun, and good company and I'd be quite content with anything.

What's your favourite Caker cake?

The Vegan Dark Chocolate cake because it tastes like a brownie!

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