Meet The Team: Eli, Baker


Tall, dark and handsome Eli is the first official male employee at The Caker, and this gyaldem adores his presence. It isn’t the first time Eli has worked here; in fact it was a couple years back when he stepped in to help us over a crazy busy summer period, but then, to our dismay, had to move to Wellington. Welcoming him back was a great day for us. Eli is as talented a cook as he is a baker and sometimes he comes round to my house and cooks dinner. He loves tahini and greens. We have very similar music tastes, and Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights always reminds me of him. When asked what his favourite anything is, he likes to take a few minutes and come back with a well thought out answer. Eli, thanks for coming back into our lives.


Who is your favourite film director and why?

For the moment, it's Wong Kar-Wai. I remember when I first saw Chungking Express, I was disarmed by how deeply the film moved me. His work is so atmospheric and disjointed. I particularly love the way he can so vividly capture a person, a colour, or a moment.

If you could get on a plane tomorrow where would you go?

NYC (Autumn in New York..)

Dinner in a bubble under the sea, or breakfast on a cloud?

Breakfast on a dawn, and it'd be Orphans sautéed greens on cultured macadamia butter

If you could have a wardrobe full of one designer’s clothes, who would it be?

Probably Helmut Lang, late 90's early 00's.

Describe your ultimate 3 course meal…

Firstly, we have to set the scene: It would have to take place at a long table soaked in sun, somewhere in Italy, surrounded by loved ones. On the menu would be caponata, fresh pasta with wild mushrooms and black truffle, and a perfect lemon tart to finish. Unless you asked me at 2 am on a Saturday—then it would most likely be three portions of fries.

What’s your favourite cake off the menu and why?

Definitely the Vegan Dark Chocolate Banana Cinnamon cake. Warm, spicy, embellished with chocolate, has a sick tan, and is pretty much an angel on earth if there ever was one.

We love you, Eli!! x

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with vegan chocolate buttercream, hazelnut praline and toasted coconut flakes

This gently sweetened banana cake is super moist and loved by vegans and non-vegans alike. The 70% Callebaut dark chocolate adds an element of sophistication to this comforting classic. 

Vegan, Eggless & Dairy Free.

Gluten Free:
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