*Cake of the Month* Baklava Cake with Honey Cream Cheese Icing

The Caker Baklava Cake.jpg

Last year one of my Sunday Magazine recipes was inspired by one of my favourite treats of all time - sticky, sweet, crunchy baklava. I created a cake based on the flavours in a traditional Baklava and people went crazy over it. Instagram was full of my follower's own versions and I had countless people inquiring as to whether we could make them one in the shop (one lady even came up to me in the supermarket to task if it was available for order!). That recipe is still available on my blog, but we've decided to update it a little and add it to our menu as our latest Cake of The Month as well, so everyone gets a chance to try its absolute incredible-ness. 

Roughly ground walnuts which make up the base of this cake and they lend a delectable flavour and texture to every mouthful. The vanilla bean cream cheese icing between the layers and on top is infused with intense freeze-dried manuka honey flakes, and to finish, the cake is topped with toasted walnuts, dried rose petals and Turkish Delight.

Baklava Cake Caker.jpg
Baklava Cake Slice The Caker.jpg
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