Our Christmas flavours are back for 2018!


Move over fruitcake, our unconventional and unfalteringly delicious Caker Christmas cakes are back. Say Season’s Greetings to our Triple Layer Summer Berry Trifle cake and our Rum Spiked Eggnog cake.


This is our TRIPLE-LAYER SUMMER BERRY TRIFLE CAKE - a take on a classic, summery trifle, in cake form. It has plentiful amounts of strawberries and blueberries baked into its 3 layers. To hold it all together, each layer is iced with our famous vanilla bean cream cheese with freeze-dried strawberry powder to make it deliciously pink.


This is our infamous DOUBLE-LAYER RUM-SPIKED EGGNOG CAKE. It contains caramelised Belgian white chocolate pieces, candied citrus peel, and only the best Golden @thisisstolen Stolen Rum for a satisfying warmth. With nutmeg-laced rum icing and brandy snaps to decorate, this cake tastes just like Christmas should. 

Everyone can celebrate this year with VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE version on the menu as well xx

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