How to make a two-tiered cake from three coconut raspberry cake kits


You need three of our Coconut Raspberry cake mixes to make a two-tiered cake, which will feed about 40 people.

Full tips on how to make this one from our Coconut Raspberry cake kit below:

The first step is to open all your "Coconut Cake" packets and empty the contents into a large mixing bowl or stand mixer. Add 3 cups of milk (dairy or non-dairy) and 1.5 cups of oil or melted butter. Mix well.


Now you need to divide the batter between TWO 10 inch tins and TWO 6 inch tins. You will need to cut your own baking paper liners to line your 10 inch tins, but the baking paper circles provided in the Coconut Raspberry cake mixes will work for your 6 inch tins. The most important thing is that you want the batter in each tin to be about the same height. Press frozen raspberries into the batter in each tin. Bake until a knife comes out clean as per the instructions.

Once your cakes are cool, you can start the assembly process. First place your first 10 inch cake onto a big plate (ignore my professional turn table!)

The glaze mixture from three Coconut Raspberry mixes won't be enough to go in between every layer as well as on top, so I love to put raspberry jam in between the tiered layers. Spread some raspberry jam over your first 10 inch cake, before carefully laying down your second 10 inch cake.

Now make your glaze. Empty the three "Coconut Glaze" packets into a bowl. Add 9 carefully measured tablespoons of milk (dairy or non-dairy), and some lemon zest if you like.

The next step is to glaze your first tier before laying down your first 6 inch cake perfectly in its centre. Spread raspberry jam onto this little cake, and finally lay down your last cake on top. Glaze the top cake and put your creation into the fridge.

You will have three sachets of freeze-dried raspberries from your three Coconut Raspberry cake mixes. We won't use all of them on this two-tiered cake - but save them in your pantry to sprinkle on top of your next dessert!

I've left my two-tiered cake simply decorated with the raspberries, but if you're a true Caker fan, you'll know that I would always finish it off with fresh flowers too!

If anyone attempts making a two-tiered Coconut Raspberry cake, please email through your creation -

x Jordan