the caker degustation

In September 2015, we hosted a degustation to celebrate the release of Jordan's second book Wholesome Cakes, Cookies and DessertsWe filled all the rooms of an old building (in the same block our store now resides) with nothing but flowers and cake!

We paired five different cakes with their best accompaniments...Blueberry, Rhubarb and White chocolate cake with vanilla bean cream cheese icing, berry coulis, freeze dried rhubarb and white chocolate pieces - accompanied by Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Vanilla Milk in collaboration with Heilala Vanilla

Flourless Dark Chocolate cake (gluten free) with silky ganache sprinkled with crushed raspberries, coconut and pistachios - accompanied by hot Coffee Supreme Gatuya coffee

Orange, almond and polenta cake (gluten and dairy free) topped with honey and an array of crushed nuts and berries - accompanied by orange blossom whipped cream.

Plum, lime and coconut cake with cream cheese icing, lime curd, toasted coconut and freeze dried plum - accompanied by Raglan Coconut Yoghurt and more lime curd.

Almond butter and raspberry jam cake with almond butter cream cheese icing and freeze dried raspberries - accompanied by homemade raspberry coulis.

There were two events, one private and one public, each with 100 people - meaning 1,000 pieces of cake in total! The degustation wouldn't have been what it was without the incredible floral arrangements and candles by our good friends MarkAntonia.


Thanks also to Brancott Estate, Coffee Supreme and Raglan Coconut Yoghurt, Fresh As and Lewis Road Creamery. Also thanks to our beautiful girls who helped serve cake and drinks, and to the Beatnik Team who helped with our book sales! Jordan xx

Photos by the lovely Yasmine Ganley.

(Thanks to everyone who took photos and put them on Instagram! I didn't have a spare second to take any myself, so I really appreciate your beautiful snaps).

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