little ceramic hearts which we bake into your cake for you so you can reveal the gender of your baby without food colouring.jpg


These ceramic hearts are a beautiful option for baby gender reveal cakes - with no food colouring! Choose a pink or blue ceramic heart to be baked into your cake, and one lucky guest at your baby shower will discover it to reveal the gender of your new baby.
My gender reveal idea was inspired by my childhood memories of the French tradition of 'Galette de Rois,' where finding the hidden item in your slice of dessert brings luck and success.

These particular trinkets are handmade by New Zealand ceramicist Morgan Haines, so also a precious keepsake once the cake is all gone!
Add a ceramic heart to your cart along with your cake when you order from our cake menu.
If you order more than one cake please let us know in your Special Notes which cake you'd like your heart in (we think these work best in our mini cake size).