*Food Styling Competition* Tips and Tricks: Dark Chocolate-dipped Apricot Shortbread

We announced our very first food styling competition yesterday!

To enter, just head along to our website and buy a little entry pack containing an Apricot Almond Rosemary Shortbread kit and your choice of FREE Noble & Savage loose leaf tea! Bake your shortbread and make a cuppa, styled however you want, and post to social media - you can get as creative as you like.

I decided to share my favourite little Shortbread-trick to get you inspired...


Follow the instructions below to create the prettiest little morsels - this trick is so versatile, you can scatter them with anything your heart desires.

1. Make your Shortbread kit according to the recipe card in your gold box (I like to cut mine into little diamonds). 

2. Bake your shortbread for 15 minutes or until golden and allow to cool.

3. Melt 1 cup of your favourite dark chocolate in a glass or metal bowl over a gently simmering pot of water. Make sure the bowl isn't touching the water.

4. Dip your cooled shortbread into your melted chocolate so half of the cookie is covered and allow any excess chocolate to drip off before laying flat on a sheet of non-stick baking paper.Clockwise from top: Dried Rose petals, sliced almonds, dried Calendula petals, dried blue Cornflowers, crushed pistachios.

5. Sprinkle your shortbread (while the chocolate still hasn't set) with any kind of decorations you have on hand. Rose petals or crushed pistachios work well.6. Wait for your chocolate to set before eating.  These can be stored in an airtight container for up to three days.

Happy baking!

xx Jordan