Caker Crushes: Alma Proenca


I've only recently been graced with the pleasure of meeting Alma. She's a girl of many talents and one of the softest, most gentle souls I've ever come across. During the day she holds down the fort at Two Hands Tattoo (my boyfriend's tattoo shop), and after hours she goes to her studio and works on her ceramics, which she hand paints...

I hung out with Alma while she baked her Ginger Pear Pistachio Cake from my cake kit line. Being a lover of butter and cow's milk, she chose to use these ingredients (instead of making her cake dairy free), and instead of peeling her beautifully ripe green pears, she left the skin on. A nice touch I thought.


Alma, tell me a bit about what you do. Tell me about your art. 

I have an artist residency at Studio One Toi Tu, this just means I have a free studio space and access to the facilities. I'm super lucky to have been given the opportunity to work on my pieces in such an incredible space.

I work mainly in illustration and ceramics, my love for ceramics blossomed when I spent a few months in Portugal in 2015. Lisbon, in particular, is paved head to toe in the most beautiful painted tiling. I thought I could take this and put my own twist on it, using the traditional blues and whites of Portuguese tiling but applying more modern subject matter to my vessels. I also illustrate, mainly flora and fauna, that only ever varies if I'm working on custom commission pieces. Though for the moment my illustration has taken a backseat while I focus on ceramics.


How are you finding your new role at Two Hands? Do you aspire to one day become a tattoo artist? 

It's great, again I'm super lucky to have been given the opportunity. I'm completely out of my comfort zone but I don't think that's a bad thing.

It would be an absolute dream to eventually move into tattooing, I draw so much inspiration from the work I see produced at Two Hands every day and I admire every artist immensely - so the answer is yes!


You mentioned that you have a pretty insane sweet tooth, just like me. What's your favourite dessert? Mine's tiramisu.

Probably chocolate cake, and it has to be super moist (hate that word but it's the only way to describe my ideal cake). Anything with coffee in it is good, also apple crumble and vanilla ice cream, and things with interesting textures like mochi and tapioca.

Ginger Pear Cake Mix The Caker Alma Proenca

Once your ginger pear pistachio cake is baked, who do you plan to share it with?
I'll take it to Betty, she used to be my manager at Lonely and we've just finished working together. She's also my best friend and one of the most amazing women I know. I'm giving it to her as a goodbye/see you soon/thank you/I love you. 

You said to me once that cake is good for absolutely any occasion and you're so right, it makes everything better regardless of the situation. 


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