Meet The Team: Lisa, Baker and Front of House

Lisa Pijper The Caker

Meet The Team #5 is Lisa Pijper.

I first hired Lisa several years back when I noticed she was baking her way through my recipe book, creating cakes which could easily pass as my own. She was and still is a die hard Caker fan. At just 20 years of age, her talent and dedication blows me away. Not only is she the ultimate cake baker and decorator, she’s our customer service and wedding tasting guru and can sell ice to an eskimo. On top of that, her one liners are such gold that I’ve kept a document to record them all. Lisa, you’re amaze.

Five insights into Lisa...

The funniest thing that happened to me recently was when I was in an uber in the early hours of the morning and I was on the phone to my friend, I started panicking that I had lost my phone and she had to reassure me, “No, no Lisa, you’re ON the phone, you’re actually holding it in your hand right now”... I blame Anouk though, she bought the tequila shots.

My favourite Auckland eatery is Odettes, it’s just flawless every time, service, food, coffee, everything. Without doubt you will see me there every Sunday. Did I mention I love brunch? I have to say though my all time favourite that I miss dearly every single day is still Were Bros, Jordan, Anouk and I would often go on a Saturday before work, one of my favourite weekend rituals, just talking about it makes me sad, come back Carter!

I care most about how the people around me feel, I think sometimes I’m almost TOO empathetic if that’s a thing.

The last I gift gave someone was I bought my my mum some really pretty (well I think so at least) cushion covers during my trip to South Africa. The last gift I received was a hand/nail care kit from my Aunt, I showed her the photos from The Caker's latest recipe card photoshoot and proudly claimed it was my hands in the pictures. She said I’m a hand model now and have to take good care of them.

My favourite cake on the menu is the Supreme Coffee and Dark Chocolate Cake (even though it’s not permanently on the menu). I think those are my two favourite things ever, coffee and chocolate. The cake is light and fluffy and the whole thing put together with the dreamy coffee icing reminds me of tiramisu (another favourite of mine). Don’t worry guys, as long as I’m around it will keep making appearances.

coffee 1.jpg