Caker At Home: Coconut Raspberry babycakes with our Coconut Raspberry baking kit

coconut raspberry babycakes.jpg

Babycakes are perfect for a party where you are entertaining lots of people.

We made a little video to show you how easy it is to make babycakes with The Caker Coconut Raspberry cake kit. They are about 2 bites in size and you can get 30 out of one kit! Simply source babycake papers which are 3.5cm diameter on their base and get baking.


1. Prepare your cake batter according to the recipe card provided.

      2. Making babycakes

      • Line a babycake tray with 30 babycake papers which are 3.5cm diameter on their base
      • Fill each babycake with your cake batter using a teaspoon, making sure each paper is filled about 1-2mm below the top line
      • Evenly dot one raspberry into each babycake and make sure you press them right into the batter
      • Do not defrost the raspberries if using frozen ones!

      3. Baking

      • Bake for around 25-30 minutes, or until springy to the touch
      • Every oven is different, so you may need to bake your babycakes for a shorter or longer time
      • Allow the babycakes to cool for 10 minutes in their tray, then take each out to cool on a cooling rack


      • Prepare your icing as per the instructions on the recipe card.
      • Add some lemon zest directly to your icing if you have a spare lemon, and stir again to combine
      • Check that your babycakes are completely cool, then, using a teaspoon, spread a small amount of glaze over each cake
      • If your glaze is looking a little runny, get your babycakes into the fridge as soon as possible and leave for 15 minutes to allow the glaze to set


      • Using dry hands, sprinkle your Raspberry Decorations over your babycakes
      • Adding toasted coconut also looks very pretty!