One of my favourite cakes I've made

Beautiful birthday cake

I made a birthday cake for Paperboy Magazine and here's what they said:

The four-tiered masterpiece she made in response to our first-birthday commission is evidence of her passion and obsessive attention to detail. It took seven hours to make, with baking starting at 6am on the day of our shoot.

It is the equivalent size of five of Rondel’s standard cakes: two on the bottom, one and a half in the middle, and another smaller cake on top. The cakes are impossibly light almond and vanilla sponge, studded with fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.

On top, Rondel used a cream cheese icing with flecks of freeze-dried strawberries for colour. Rondel says stacking the cake ran the risk of making it look too “wedding-y”, but she thinks the freeze-dried berries and the zany positioning of flowers on the final tier dodge a look that’s too traditional. We were too busy swooning over this beautiful confection to care.

“We have this saying,” Rondel says. “Cakes are edible expressions of love. It’s so cheesy but I don’t really care. It’s the truth.”

The Caker Birthday Cake
Berry Birthday Cake by The Caker
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