Meet The Team: Saba, Baker

Saba Yoseph The Caker

Meet The Team #8 is Saba Yoseph.

Saba is one of our OG bakers who consistently blows me away with her dedication to The Caker. She’s half German and half Eritrean, with an amazing golden fro and a passion for cleaning, which competes with my own. She was trained in patisserie in Paris and teaches me things everyday. She comes in on a Sunday to order ingredients for the week, and texts at midnight if a cake related thought pops into her brain. Go easy around her if she hasn’t had her snack break, but giggle with her over the silliest things. Saba, we love you.

Five insights into Saba...

When I was little I wanted to be a mother of 4, living a mostly self sustainable life on a farm! Kind of the opposite of my current life. 

My favourite part of my body is my booty. I've always had weird body hangups, but joined a gym earlier this year and am finally starting to really love my body.

My biggest indulgence in life is travel. My husband and I have given up on the idea of owning a house,  instead we try to explore a small part of the world every year.

It makes me proud to be a woman when I see our current Prime Minister.  I am so proud we have such a young, intelligent female leading our country.

My favourite cake on the menu is our Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake, with the raspberry, pistachio and coconut decorations. Because it's  rich, decadent and always feels like a special treat. It's the one cake I can never resist.

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