Meet The Team: Peggy, Front of House

Peggy Robinson The Caker

Meet The Team #7 is Peggy Robinson.

Peggy, with her beautiful smile and soft voice, is our cherished employee who faultlessly gets cakes from A to B. Like me, she wears Levis and Docs most days, and even though we are newly acquainted, I feel like I’ve known her for a really long time. She’s full of stories. Her cute boyfriend pops by most days to give her a kiss and a coffee, and we love that. Peggy, you’re a queen.

Five insights into Peggy....

My favourite song to sing in the shower is 'Just a Gigalo & I ain't got nobody' by Louis Prima (my partner sings the chorus back up from the lounge for me), 'Grease' by Frankie Vaili, or 'All I Could Do Was Cry' by Etta James

To unwind after work I have a frosty bev.

My favourite female role model at the moment is Jenny Slate because she is a fantastic actress and (properly funny) comedian who tackles roles that challenge the way female characters are normally depicted in hollywood and confronts issues that need to be talked about. She also stars in two fantastic films by one of my absolute favourite female directors Gillian Robespierre. I think it is important to recognise women like this who stand up for women and womens rights by simply unapologetically going about the world how they want, making a space for themselves and your everyday woman to be seen in a historically oppressive industry (an industry that has such an impact on young women in the 21st century), and using their position of influence to bring change.

I’m feel most myself when I am working in the print studio after hours at Elam.

My favourite cake on the menu is the Dark Chocolate Pear and Pistachio cake. Because quite frankly (as a well known salty lady who never really fancied sweet treats in the past) I am developing a dangerous addiction to the perfectly sweet and sumptuous Chocolate Cream Cheese icing.

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