Meet The Team: Paige, Baker

Paige Jarden The Caker

Meet The Team #6, Paige Jarden.

Paige is someone that has a crazy ability to light up a room and make everyone smile. She’s the most positive person I know, but with an unexpected sassy streak, which makes her even more lovable. Trained in the Navy, this chick is the most reliable, hardworking and organised person, and is a ridiculously talented baker and cake decorator. Paige, you are someone I always want to be around.

Five insights into Paige...

I’m inspired by my book shelf full of cook books, (sounds cliche) but almost every night I go home and hunt through my books for the perfect recipe to cook for my fiancé. I never feel more at home than in the kitchen and I’m afraid I’ll die before I cook every recipe that I’ve ever wanted!

The last dream I had was about my fiancé cooking sausages on the bbq at our wedding.

An interesting thing about me is I joined the navy when I was 17 and served for 8 years!

Growing up I used to think that my Nana was the best baker and cook on earth! Now I think she still is. I bake with her every time I see her and she bakes the best loaf of bread!

My favourite cake on the menu is the lemon and raspberry! Because it’s zesty, moist, fresh, delicious!! Such a crowd pleaser for any occasion. Omg I love it.

Lemon Raspberry Cake The Caker