Meet The Team: Ellen, Manager

Ellen Moorhead The Caker

Meet The Team #3 is Ellen Moorhead.

Ellen is my right hand lady, and one of my closest friends. She is the wittiest girl I know, with a sense of humour to boot. We can talk about our cats all day long. I originally hired her as a baker, but as soon as she exclaimed how much she loves spreadsheets, Ellen was promoted to organiser of all things! She always opts to pay a little extra to get stationary items in a pink pantone, and we think that is so great. Ellen, you’re simply the best. 

Five insights into Ellen...

I couldn’t live without my cat Spooky, my friends, my boyfriend, blankets and true-crime books/documentaries/podcasts.

My favourite dish to cook is any and all types of pasta with 10,000 cloves of garlic and to eat is potato gratin or pickled onions.

My friends think I am always sleepy.

If I was a new addition to the crayon box I’d be a Grey Marle crayon, because it’s a quiet and cozy colour that makes me feel v. chill.

My favourite cake on the menu is the Banana Maple Cinnamon Crumble cake because it’s just the most perfect, subtly sweet and flavourful banana cake ever (sorry Mum).

Banana Maple Crumble Cake The Caker