MEET THE TEAM: Jordan, Founder

Jordan Rondel The Caker

Introduction by Ellen Moorhead

Jordan is our incredible boss-friend and the creative genius behind everything The Caker does. I feel so lucky to work for someone who inspires me daily, and is one of the kindest humans you’ll ever meet. It’s amazing to think that Jordan started this business all on her lonesome six years ago, and is now running a business with seven staff, a range of cake mixes and an ever-increasing demand for fresh cakes! She’s not your typical boss (in fact, she hates being called our boss - sorry Jordy!) - she’s always striving to make The Caker a happy, productive and creative space and is still happiest getting her hands dirty, icing and decorating cakes alongside our bakers. x E

Five insights into Jordan...

If I could be any animal in the world, I would be an eagle because I’d be tough and beautiful, get to live in a hot climate, and of course because I’d be able to fly.

When I’m alone in my car I think about what I’m going to eat next, mostly.

If I was a character from F•R•I•E•N•D•S I’d be Monica, without a doubt. We share an obsession for order and cleaning and both love being right.

If I wasn’t The Caker I’d be an interior designer. I’m a true believer that your surroundings can make you happy, so I’d like to dedicate my career to creating nice interior settings for people.

My favourite cake on the menu is Almond Butter and Raspberry because it’s not too sweet and is full of my favourite ingredient in the world - almond butter.

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