Meet The Team: Anouk, co-owner

Anouk Rondel The Caker

Meet The Team #2 is my sister, Anouk.

Anouk left her job as a lawyer to work at The Caker in 2015, now we own it together as partners. A paragraph cannot justly describe the incredibleness of this person. Not only is she my sister, she’s my best friend, my business partner, and the person that inspires me the most in my life. Her smarts and ability to fix mechanical things baffles me on a daily basis. She’s brilliant at working through a hangover like nothing is wrong, and comes up with her best ideas in her sleep. Noukie, I wouldn’t be half the person I am without you.

Five insights into Anouk...

The first thing I'd do if I won $10 million on Lotto is rip open a bottle of Collet champagne from our work champagne fridge like there was no tomorrow.

I’ve always wanted to have a baby with my husband but I like working too much. More, my house is too small.

The next country on my travel list is the USA. Jordan is hinting about going over, so I'd have to follow her, because we aren't very good at doing things alone.

My favourite cocktail is Leche de Pantera (Panther's Milk). It involves pink gin and milk. Look it up and go to Barcelona and drink it ASAP.

My favourite cake on the menu is Plum Lime Coconut because those big huge pieces of plum are just insane.

Plum Lime Coconut Cake The Caker