10 Questions with The Caker

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Sunday Magazine published an interview called "10 Questions with The Caker" here to welcome me as their weekly dessert writer.

Here is how it went:

Known as 'The Caker' Jordan has a thriving catering business and has written two recipe books.

Her delicious treats have a signature opulent, rustic look and she experiments with unconventional ingredients to create new, unexpected flavours.

Your business has been going for over five years. When did you realise making cakes was your calling?

At a very young age. I have early memories of baking tarts and clafoutis at my French grandmother's knee, and believe it has been my calling since then. I really started to bake in earnest in my last year of university and then it was an overnight decision to create The Caker. I've never looked back.

What can we expect from your new regular recipes in Sunday magazine and on Stuff?

Each week I will create a sweet recipe, be it a cake, cookie or dessert, inspired by the seasons. Recipes will be easy enough for the home cook – the decorations might be a bit more elaborate but they're completely optional and I'd like to encourage people to get creative with their own take on my decorating style. While simple, the recipes will always have an edge to them, to make them different from your everyday offerings.

What kind of cake is an absolutely fail-safe crowd pleaser?

One that is not over-the-top sweet, and one that includes fresh fruit.

Why do you think cake is a good thing?

Cake brings people together. It is the defining symbol of celebration. Nothing makes me feel more joy than watching people take their first bite and seeing their delight.

Which cooks or food writers in the world have inspired you?

Yotam Ottolenghi, Sophie Dahl, Jamie Oliver, Sarah Britten, Mimi Thorisson, Rene Redzepi, Al Brown, Simon Wright, Michael Meredith.

What kind of cake/cookie/dessert will we NEVER see in your columns?

Anything involving food colouring or sprinkles.

What are some new ingredients you've been experimenting with lately in baking?

Saffron, truffle oil and black pepper.

What do you think of the anti-sugar/anti-gluten brigade and all the bloggers etc cutting it out completely?

My French roots dictate that it's ridiculous to cut anything completely from your diet. Cakes and desserts should be an indulgence, and because we eat them in moderation, we might as well enjoy them wholeheartedly. I do often use cane sugar alternatives like maple, coconut sugar and honey, but it's because I love how these options taste rather than for any dietary reason.

When was the last time you had a piece of cake, and what was it?

We eat cake most days in The Caker kitchen! The last piece I ate was a new recipe I was testing – a blackberry, lemon and champagne cake.

What are you doing when you're not eating cake?

Running my business! The Caker is my life, but I'm not sorry about it…

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